How much does CloudPics cost?

CloudPics offers two primary packages tailored to different business sizes and needs, so let’s find out: how much does CloudPics cost?

The CloudPicsLite package is designed for school photo businesses handling up to 3,000 subjects per year and costs £95 annually, with a service fee of 6%.

This package includes a GDPR compliant online store hosted by CloudPics, pre-set print packages and products, automated email communication, and customer service for end users.

For larger businesses dealing with over 3,000 subjects per year, CloudPics offers the CloudPicsPro package. This package costs £49 per month with a 5% service fee.

Pro offers more customisation options, including the ability to host your webshop on your domain, customise print packages and products, and personalise your customer experience.

You will also need to factor in the cost of production.

HERE is the CloudPics production price list that details the cost of prints, gifts, mounts, canvas, extractions, postage… and more.

Feedback from current partner photographers is that they expect to save up to 1/3 on their previous costs. Lightroom Photography saw a 42% increase in profit (a combination of a more efficient system, cheaper print prices and fair postage charges).

CloudPicsLite: £95 per year + 6% production fee + print cost. More Information.

 CloudPicsPRO: £49 per month + 5% production fee + print cost. More Information.

How much does CloudPics cost? From £95 a year.