How to get Upselling for School Photography Right

Myths and Facts about Upselling

Myth 1: Upselling is always seen as pushy or sneaky

Have you ever said ‘yes please’ to the bloke in the chippy offering you a pickled onion or mushy peas?

You won’t always say yes, but sometimes will.

This is the simplest form of upselling. Every person that says ‘yes please’ will add £1-3 (or more) to the value of their order.

Think about those numbers over the course of a whole year!

It’s not pushy – if you say ‘no thanks’ that’s the end of it.

The chip shop employee doesn’t chase you down the street demanding you buy the extras. (The ones near us don’t anyway…)

FACT: If done correctly, upselling provides value to clients by fulfilling unmet needs or adding enhancements that improve their experience.

Myth 2: Upselling is only about higher pricing

The chip shop is a very simple example of upselling, but here’s how it can work for you.

Consider the customer that has a package of 3 10×7” prints in her basket.

What could you offer her to increase her order value?

A download for 20-50% of the usual price?
Add-on items; gifts & souvenirs for £1- 5 each such as keyrings, fridge magnets, calendars..?

You haven’t made the extras compulsory, so the customer has no reason to be upset.

What you have done is presented items that this customer may not have seen or considered previously, and made it easy for her to purchase them.

FACT: Upselling is about creating package deals or add-ons that provide value for money and enable the customer to willingly increase their order spend.

You probably already do upsell, if you’re using set packages to increase your average order value.

Have you got any upselling stories, good or bad?

We’d love to hear how you do it now, or if you’ve ever felt pushed into buying more than you planned. Let us know.

upselling school photography packages - how chip shops do it with mushy peas