As of September 2023, the Moving Memories product is now available to be sold through both CloudPicsLite and CloudPicsPro.Moving Memories Integration

After several weeks of discussions, developments and testing, the Research and Development team were able to make images with a QR code available for sale, without requiring the purchase of codes upfront and maintaining an effortless workflow.

Here’s how Moving Memories works with CloudPics:

💡 When a customer of yours buys a Moving Memories product through your CloudPics webshop, that order will be stalled until you purchase the QR code from Moving Memories.

☁  You upload it to CloudPics, and release the order to be fulfilled.

🖨 We then print the order and dispatch it to the customer. 

Easy, and in support of your business.

Find out about the concept here:

And explore the CloudPics volume photography workflow here:

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